Down hill

As the count down gets closer no one ever informed me that your last weeks are the hardest! I never expected smooth sailing but I didn’t think the nausea and lightheaded feelings would invite it’s self right back into my life! Also without a party invite is sleep! I can’t help but be exhausted and going to sleep during the day doesn’t fix my problem at all! It’s like I can’t catch enough Z’s in a 24 hour period. With all the pain and discomfort I’m just ready to get this child out of me and finally be able to sleep comfortably in my own bed!

Everything you do, everything around you turns into a factor of why you could be in pain. Another great adventure started at 2 am. Like my daily routine I got up to pee cause my bladder was screaming to be drained and this stomach ache pain started across my belly. Oh no not again, I am not going into labor and I will not get another shot of that awful heart racing, drug addict medication. 5:14 am hit me in the gut cause this pain was the worst I’ve ever felt! Could it be because I ate 3 chocolate chip cookies from subway?! If so I’m not even ashamed cause they are amazing!!! Than came home and ate another bit of a cookie that just happened to be in my kitchen!

None of these things were a reason, our child is just bigger than a bowling ball putting pressure on my nerves when I sleep causing me pain. Or so that’s what my mom said. I tried peeing again to see if that would release any pressure and yet it just got worst! When ever she’s tight I tend to place cold water all around my belly to try to loosen her up. Only God knows exactly what she’s doing in my uterus. But this pain had me thinking about my choices of going Unmedicated. I know right shocker and it wasn’t even the worst of labor (or even actual labor) and I was curled up in bed thinking I was gonna die. To my blessing my mom woke up and started to perform a miracle!

If you were thinking where I sleep at night I sleep with my mom. “Ok carm, your 18 years old why on earth would u sleep in your moms bed?” Well I have a great explanation. 1. Her bed is 100 times more comfortable than mine 2. I’m so close to my due date if I go into labor at night (which I will) I can just roll over (not physically cause if you have seen my belly it’s the size of a oversized basketball and gravity is your friend so there’s not much rolling.) but I can tap her shoulder and inform her that I’m in labor. Rather than having to call her and walk down all 14 steps of my stairs to walk out the door.

Pregnancy at my stage puts a toll on your body and best believe me stairs are not something you want to do when your in pain and half asleep. I’m thankful for my mom because for a whole hour or even more my mom massaged my belly with cold water till my pain went away. I couldn’t of been more thankful in that moment cause everything I was doing wasn’t helping me at all! Who knows what the pains was from but it’s started to become a nightmare every night when I try to get to bed.

This feeling of pain in my back wraps around to my belly and sleeping isn’t something I get much of at all anymore at night. Like I said the count down is on and Peyton and I are much closer to meeting our little princess P💛. Remember mamas or soon to be mamas (and daddy’s) be strong cause pregnancy is the hardest and most amazing thing you will ever accomplish in your life!

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