Déjà vu

6:51 in the afternoon, what would the average person being doing at that time of night. Well if you came to hear about the average person I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I’m kinda not in the mix. Contractions, yes for a whole 3 hours till peyton decided that enough was enough and we needed to go check on them. Low and behold, another set of painful to what I thought was Braxton-Hicks turned into another round of that awful, burning shot that makes your heart race and to my imagination makes you feel high. I’ve never used drugs before but if I did and had a bad reaction that’s how the medicine made me feel.

Why is my child so dang stubborn to the point where she keeps wanting to come out? I have no idea why she wants to enter this world so soon when she has everything essential in the womb. I mean she even has her own thermostat and gets food and water at any moment in time. She’s living her best life right now. 4 more weeks is all she needs so that she’s strong enough to encounter life out of the womb with out a breathing tube and shots given every hour. 4 weeks ago I went to the hospital for the same reason. I think she’s playing a game with mommy and daddy and we’re definitely losing.

Daddy’s a whole train wreck on ice in the Antarctic with no cell reception to call for help. He’s to the point freaked out that he probably would leave me at home and drive to the hospital cause I’m the one in labor. I joke around like that till it actually happens and I deliver my child at home. Well to my disclosure I’ve always wanted a at home water birth, just side affects are I didn’t want it to be a total surprise nor my first baby.

Sitting in that hospital bed made me realize that the next time I come back I’ll be having our princess P in full term! And even though this pregnancy has turned me upside down and kicked the crap out of me. I know that when I hold her in my arms it’s gonna be 100 percent worth every needle poke, nauseous day, early contractions I got.

God has a plan for me because if Peyton hadn’t taken me to the hospital we would of ended up with a premature baby girl. The contractions I was experiencing had opened my cervix to 2 cm which isn’t active labor but it was the most I’ve ever been. (Here’s a dilation chart to see what I’m talking about) Active labor starts at 4 cm and you really can’t do anything to stop it once it reaches that point.

No you can’t physically see your cervix dilate. These measurements are how many fingers a doctor can insert into your cervix. Sounds gross and inhumane but it’s perfectly normal. The first time you have a doctor check your cervix it’s quite uncomfortable. Being pregnant there’s no more privacy At all, you have to deal with doctors checking your area and making sure your baby is okay.

Just 2 hours later in the labor and delivery department and we were free to go! I’ve never been more excited to get home and sleep in a comfortable bed. Even though it was around 11:30 at night peyton was still by my side, he even managed to sleep on the bed next to me just to make me feel more comfortable. What I thought was funny was even though I was the one having contractions and in pain peyton and my mom were the train wrecks.

Before we went to the hospital I had to repack my baby bag!! Why?! Because the clothes I originally packed before sat in a suitcase in the back of my car and the whole baby smell of clean clothes went away. If I was having her that night I wanted her to have the best clothes possible! Y’all should of seen Peyton and my mom as I was walking up and down the stairs calmly and breathing threw my contractions. It’s like they were the ones in labor and couldn’t handle the pain I was having.

Long story short I had washed all of princess Ps clothes that she got from the baby shower and was super exhausted that whole day I didn’t bother to repack her bag. To my little knowledge that we would need it that same night. But after all the shots and the pain I went threw I’m glad I went to the hospital and if you didn’t know I actually hate going to the doctors. Our little princess P comes first and if I have to encounter pain and discomfort just to keep her alive than I will do it. Our daughter depends entirely on my body and my judgment, and I will not let her down! Besides she has an amazing father who keeps track of her and I, just to make sure we are both healthy!

Yes of course I wear my bright pink crocs everywhere now!

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