Picture it

The day I’ve been waiting for, no I’m not In labor YET! But this date was set for a while now! And best believe I was not picture perfect or close to picture ready! 33 and some odd days pregnant you start to look and feel the role and if I may just say you tend to “fill” up the role. Your body changes in pregnancy and what I didn’t think would change would be my face. You grow up and hit that puberty stage and the “baby face” disappears. Till you get pregnant and it all comes back (maybe someone should of informed me). That cut crease jaw line and the perfect dimensions on your face is now physically bloated and you see it in every picture you take! (Here’s a little before pregnancy face features to now.) Obviously to me it’s a huge change but I know my body will go back to normal after I have our beautiful princess P. No one ever thinks of the weight they have gained to be a negative thing when they bring in a precious baby into this world. Taking maternity pictures was obviously a first but it was so much fun I couldn’t help but be so excited to show everyone our pictures! The wind was picking up and even though my hair was going everywhere Peyton still managed to tell me how beautiful I looked even tho sometimes I don’t think so, because I’ve gained about 30 lbs. It’s all baby weight of course but from starting out at 126 and having no belly and nothing at all. This is definitely a game changer! I love my baby girl and everything I’ll have in the future with her. Just for now the whole picture perfect idea isn’t on my agenda.

However back to talking about taking our maternity pictures it was such a sweet time! Definitely a memory I will cherish forever! Just to have a moment in time where someone can capture the love we have for each-other and our daughter was just amazing! Believe it or not peyton had some great picture ideas as well! It’s wonderful to have him so involved in everything about this pregnancy. Even though we both were no where near jumping for joy waking up at 6:30am for pictures, but it was all worth it in the end. Just the contention that can be seen throughout these pictures that we have taken just shows that our love spreads. I can’t believe that 2 years ago I was this mess of a female walking into o’Reilly’s asking for help with my truck and ended up with the love of my life. I think it’s safe to say that, that day I tried my best to get his number! Who would of thought that a broken down truck got us together. Just by my corny jokes and the whole “breaking the ice” attitude I had would of showed me who my future husband was.

Some people say young love never last but best believe us when we say we will prove them wrong. Our story isn’t a fairy tale like the ones in the books. I never ran away and left my shoe, or asked my Prince Charming to adventure up a tower for me. But I did end up with my Prince! From the very first time I met him I knew he was someone special, but to tell y’all I actually never left with his number and drove out of that o’Reilly’s parking lot thinking I would never see or have another chance with him.

To my little knowledge we would be here today! Engaged, happy!, and a baby girl on the way! True love does exist and I know most people can’t or won’t think that after a heart break but it’s true! Peyton came into my life unexpectedly and picked up the pieces and made me into a better person! I can’t wait to see what else this life course will take us and who we will become in the future!

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