As a writer I need inspiration on everything and anything. As a person I need a path to know what’s next, to know what goals I need to reach. But as a mother I need patience and the ability to learn from my mistakes and pick up right where I left off and strive to do better. Believe it or not I never thought I would make it this far, never thought being in high school pregnant would be a fairly positive experience. And never in a million years would I of thought that nine hundred and three people would be reading my blogs. That’s just breath taking and for every step of my future I get more and more confident that I’ll succeed and pursue my dreams.

What makes my blogs worth reading? Well honestly I can’t answer that question but I sure do think you can since you’ve gotten this far down the page. (Thank you by the way!) every blog I write is different, different scene, different event, just plain unoriginal from the last. I never answered the question as to why I started blogging, so here’s ur answer. I love to write no matter what,I can write all day. You know that voice in your head that says everyone out loud as you type it?! Well for some weird reason mine has different accents depending on my topic of writing. Sounds crazy?!? It is because when I write my blogs this voice in my head turns British.

Now no one think to send me to the nut house but it’s all true. Another reason why I started to blog was because so many people were interested (or just nosey) about my pregnancy. (Short story time) Close to four years ago I was walking through the hallways for the first time in high school as a freshman, to my uneducated mind of pregnancy I saw my very first “teen mom”. Embarrassing now to say that I followed her all the way to her class cause I was just so amazed to see someone pregnant in high school. You don’t see that in junior high and no one talks about it at all. Looking back now I feel bad because now I truly know what that girl was going through. Good thing I never had to experience a freshman following me in the halls (or so I think). The point is high school changes people, whether it be good or bad.

This is my inspiration, to write and to be able to entertain, educate and uplift people. There’s so many girls that have gone through getting the positive test and some girls end up having a miscarriage. No matter where we end in life whether we have a baby or not we’re all in this together. The physical and mental emotional feeling you get when you see that positive test is something you can’t explain. For the girls who are reading this and has had the loss of a baby YOU ARE POWERFUL! miscarriages happen more times than you think and the girls who have to go through that are brave. On top of that most of the girls will come back to school the next day and act like nothing ever happened. That’s something I could never do!

Ladies we are powerful! We were put on this earth for great measures, whether you think it or not you are one of a kind. So with that saying, don’t just give your self away to any guy. Our bodies are temples and should be treated like queens. No guy should ever disrespect you in anyway, shape or form. Woman (as yourself) have a very respected role in society! Now we don’t all want to be the Betty Crocker mom (lord knows I can’t cook as good as my mom) who stays at home and makes cookies for our football team size family! Or some woman want to be the money maker and go to work everyday and have a respectable high rank job. Which ever you choose to do than do it well and be proud of yourself.

Society now a days wants to put labels on everything. As if we cared what they think to even actually listen to people who make rumors based on people’s “actions”. It makes no sense to why woman can’t uphold a high rank job just as a man. Now be open minded that some families are still old fashion and believes that the moms stay home and work while the dads go out and make the money. To some woman that sounds like the dream, but if ur anything like me I feel like I should be pulling my part. Being a mom is hard work, there’s no off days, sick days, vacation alone days. None and for the girls who have to end there teen age years a little early to start this cycle of their life’s. You (and me of course) have started the journey of raising our kids! There’s nothing wrong with being a young mom!! And if you disagree then please feel free to keep your opinions to yourself because I am a teen mom.

In this life time we are all expected to do great measures and to live the life God (or who ever you believe in) has put us on the path to achieve. Whether your a teen mom who reads my blogs, had just experienced your positive test or even just a girl (or guy) who’s interested. YOU ARE POWERFUL! Remember that because we all have different journeys in life!

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