Master mind

You would think by now that I have this whole pregnancy thing down like a snap but best believe that’s a slap in the face cause I still have no idea what I’m doing. For 32 weeks I’ve just been winging this whole journey cause I have no idea what’s gonna become the next journey. Now you may or may not know this but I’m still employed part time and with just 6 weeks left you can only imagine how big our princess P is. If my spine could talk I bet it be screaming.

I don’t want to say I dread working but it’s money in my bank account I’ll be thankful for it when P gets here! You know that saying you’ve probably heard a million times growing up.

Your parents make sacrifices you will never know about.

Yeah well at this moment I completely understand why they do because it’s for us!! While I’m at work I find it funny because of people’s reactions. They always ask me how far along are you, and instead of staying 8 months and so many days or give the exact number of weeks I’m on. I reply with “I only have 6 weeks left”. I’ve never seen a group of people’s jaw drop so fast. It’s like they think I should be home relaxing on my moms budget. That is totally not me and staying home all day doing nothing actually drives me insane! I’d rather work till my water breaks than to sit home and have absolutely nothing to do while peyton works his butt off. If my water breaks at work than y’all just happen to have another interesting blog to read about!

When people say your last 10 weeks of pregnancy is the longest and hardest Believe them! I find myself wearing flip flops almost everywhere (or of course my crocks) because at this moment in time my feet decide to become floating devices and swell up. Since my due date is coming up closer than it’s ever been the signs of labor have been a hot topic. Some babies like to come weeks early, she tried it once the next time it happens it’s for real and I’m so ready for her to come! Almost everything induces labor in some way or another. I want her to come when she’s fully ready, on medical terms (to all my greys anatomy people) her organs are all fully developed!!! Yay! However babies lungs are the last thing to develop because they take the longest! So that’s a main reason I don’t want her to make her appearance anytime in June due to the fact that her lungs need more oven time. Our medicine and technology today is amazing but no parent wants to see their child Attached to monitors helping them breathe. So even though I’m in complete discomfort I’ll wait a little longer for our princess P to arrive just so that she’s completely healthy!

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