Worth it

As I lay in bed tonight I realize that I only have 6 weeks left till our princess P can come into this world healthy! I’m emotional because this journey has been so long for me but at the same time it’s gone by so fast. I’m gonna be a mom! I’m gonna go through the most difficult thing in life and I’m gonna have to encounter much more obstacles in my future. Our baby girl will actually be here in no time!

Peyton and I will be parents and I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal to you but it’s a new journey for us! I can’t believe that back in November we were nervous to tell our parents about our positive test! We were nervous about how our life would end up, and how our friends would see us! I was nervous about how I would get through high school with a belly bump but I did!!! Peyton and I have overcome so much as a couple I can’t wait to see what we will do as parents.

With just 6 weeks left till princess P is here I’m emotional because our baby girl will be in our arms! After a long dreadful 9 months I will have accomplished the most difficult body changing experience at 18. Pregnancy is hard, it’s mentally and physically draining. I do not see how ladies back in the day had 20 kids cause having a baby take all of your life savings in protein and just plain food is hard work!!! If you have been here since my first blog I want to thank you for reading my journey! Obviously it’s not coming to a end anytime soon (except my pregnancy) we will be able to cherish the many memories princess P creates!

Waiting for her arrival has given me sleepless nights, and for a pregnant person (or any person in general) that’s no fun! As I’m waiting for her to make her arrival every little pain I encounter I have to be cautious to what it actually is. If y’all remembered in my blog “unexpected” this little girl really tried to make her appointment of birth early. I don’t know about you but icu don’t seem like the ideal place I want our daughter to be in, and Peyton can highly agree with me.

So as each night passes I start my nights out with tightness in my stomach which turns into an uncomfortable back pain that last all night! At first I thought these might be contractions but they don’t get worst each time just worst every night. So Ice packs and cold compression have been my best friend to help me relieve these unnecessary pains I encounter.

After everything I have been through and all the sleepless nights I’ve gladly taken. The endless complaints I tell peyton about how bad my back hurts or how I couldn’t sleep the other night. It will all be worth every second of worry, discomfort or even pain I had. The joy of seeing her beautiful face will make it all worth it in the beginning of her life and the start of our parenting journey. To just 6 more weeks until we get to see our beautiful baby girl I hope they go by faster than I think. 💛

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