Everyone who has watched movies obviously observed a labor scene at one time or another and those scenes are always filled with ladies screaming their heads off in horrifying pain. Why would anyone ever want to have a kid after seeing something like that?!

Most people now a days get a epidural while in labor. For those of you who don’t know, this is the “happy medicine” it takes all the pain away and leaves you to just relax and wait on your baby to be born. Oh and another thing is your pretty much paralyzed for the few hours it’s active. Now why wouldn’t everyone in the world just get this drug and skip all the pain and get right to the fun part?!?

I’ll tell you, if your anything like me, I want to have a natural birth!! Yes I know we’re in the 21st century and medicine is top notch here in America but I’m the type of person to let my body do things naturally with out any unnecessary interference. I know right about now your probably thinking I’m out of my mind to want to push a kid out of my birth canal without any medication at all. And you know what maybe your right, I just want to go natural.

My thought about it is if people back in the day can go through labor and have up to 17 kids why can’t I encounter the excitement 1 time in my life. What you don’t know is that I’m afraid to become paralyzed, and the feeling of numbness along my legs is just an impossible experience I will not encounter. I get nervous with having my legs fall asleep, I go into panic mood and think I’ll never feel them ever again.

Not only that but the simple fear of accidentally moving and the needle ends up touching my spine wrong. There goes my ability to move my legs, walk, & ride horses. Now a lot of people might disagree on how I see an epidural and let me remind you that your opinions matter!

The reason I want to go natural is just the simple fact I want to experience natural labor. I want to be able to say that I had my baby naturally and that my body was put through this journey to do what it was inherited to do. I always get the shocked looks or the comments on how I’m crazy for wanting to go natural but let me just say that a natural birth is way harder than having a epidural. A natural birth takes guts and whether I have them or not it’s to be respected. I would like to just get the comments of encouragement besides people telling me “well good luck with that” in a sarcastic tone.

I want to be able to say as a young mom I was able to conquer one of the hardest task that “normal age” moms can’t. Ladies our purpose as a woman is to become mothers. To having children of our own and to raise them to become powerful leaders of the next generations. As a 18 year old mother I have learned that whatever I put my mind to I will conquer and my next conquest is to go through labor naturally and prove that it can be done.

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