Baby mamas

In every journey you face in life TRUST me someone else is going through the same situation you are. And truthfully that’s how I got my new group of friends.

To others eyes we look like a bunch of teens who got knocked up and decided to all be friends. Let’s be real that’s legit what happened and honestly I’m so glad I have a group of friends who know what I’m going through. These people are normal people like the rest of the teenage population only thing different is that we’re parents.

On one side you got the guys who are ready to be dads and have everything under control, and the other side you have the girls who actually are doing most of the work cause we’re the ones who actually have to grow this human from a grain of salt to full on 7 lb baby! But hey it takes 2 to tango so the guys do have a part in the beginning to the end.

When we hang out with this group it’s like you don’t have to continuously explain how it feels to have a baby inside of you. Instead you get to laugh about how you do the same thing another baby mama does and how the baby daddy doesn’t get it. I’ll give you a exact topic of choice we talk about. And for some reason everyone could notify this one.

when someone else drives your pregnancy hormones decide that at every stop it’s a death trap and that your breaks are gonna blow out . And your gonna end up tasting the back bumper of the car ahead of you. The “oh sh*t” handles above your windows become your best friend and it’s like a matter of life or death if you don’t grab a handful of them as if it’s gonna protect you in anyway from a collision. Our hormones decides that they want to party and just become so over the top that who ever brings up the idea of food we have to cover every restaurant in American history before we decide on the first choice said.

This group of people have really been a eye opener that normal girls and guys get pregnant! (Let that sink in haters). It’s not the girls you would think to get pregnant. It’s usually the ones who no one ever expected to have the label “teen mom” (I really shock up the world when people started to find out I was pregnant). And when we all get together and explore the world in our group, the stares of shock we get is pretty funny! But all on the good side these soon to be parents or already parents are a blessing to be around. Our little princess P already has best friends in the making! And for a life time us teen parents have each other!

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