8 months

I’m finally 31 weeks and 1 day today!!! 8 MONTHS ladies (and gentlemen) Princess P will be here in no time!! 62 days till my due date but we all know that she’s coming before I’m 40 weeks. she measures over 16 inches and weighs about 3 1/3 lbs. A whole coconut y’all! I’m legit carrying a whole coconut in my stomach and trust me I feel it.

Y’all must know the word “comfort” sadly that has left my vocabulary out the window and sleeping is a chore I’d like to enjoy again. She kicks more than ever now but that’s a sign she’s a healthy baby girl! So if karate class is 24/7 and the circus wants to keep doing tricks than go ahead baby girl put on a show because momma loves your little kicks you bring. Oh don’t even get me started on your little butt action when you try to stretch my stomach putting your butt in the air, I’m only so stretchy little girl. Mommas stomach isn’t made out of elastic and not gonna lie it hurts.

Your dad on the other hand is a clown because he’s constantly trying to feel you move! He will even just lay his head on you just to irritate you to the point where you kick him to get him to stop invading your space. Oh he definitely gets a “kick” out of that one. But he’s truly amazing, because during pregnancy (or at least mine) your moods change and sometimes you get extra hangry! Oh no when that happens I truly try to stay sweet but when you got 2 stomachs to feed and the one growing is super demanding and you don’t care who gets you food you need it right now! Yeah that snickers commercial has been my life since I started my 7th month. I’m definitely not me when I’m hungry.

My cravings right about now are without a doubt just plain out annoying. Imagine this you just accomplished a 21 day challenge on naked and afraid and you are starving and hungry, sleep deprived and just plain exhausted. You finally get to eat something and you can’t decide what you want to eat so a thousand options are running through your mind and you can’t choose. That’s like me!!!! Except the longest I’ve gone without eating is 20 minutes and I feel like I’m dying. I want everything from hot wings from dominos to a vanilla milk shake from whataburger. And the craziest thing is I can crave something for weeks and as soon as I get it my mood will change my taste buds to whether I like it or not.

Pregnancy is beautiful y’all! After 8 months I think I’m getting use to my pregnancy glow and people constantly looking at me. I see it as if I’m not gonna hide my child why would I hide my baby bump? Soon I’ll be blogging about how I miss my bump and her little kicks inside. But for now I’m ready to be done with this whole pregnancy thing and ready to hold our Princess P and be the best mom ever 💛.

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