Bump in action

As senior year counts down it’s all bittersweet. These last 4 years have changed all of us especially me as a person. What a lot of you might not know is that I was the girl who swore off doing anything unordinary and never wanted to jump out of my comfort zone.

As senior year hit that all changed and now I’m about the size of a watermelon. I’m not gonna lie it’s kinda awkward when people I don’t know ask if they can touch my belly but at the Same time it gives me confidence because princess P is loved by so many! I have grown so much in these last couple of months it shocks me honestly when I see how big I’m getting! I can’t even see my feet y’all when I look down and sitting in a school chair is just a chore because it’s so hard and I can’t lean back which causes princess p’s space to get smaller and she decides that mommas ribs are a perfect spot for her little feet. Trust me it feels like your getting a cramp in your rib cage, like you sometimes do when you run. No fun!!! And there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s not like I can tell her “no ma’am” and she will stop!

Princess P is definitely getting much bigger everyday because falling asleep at night is a major chore! I can’t sleep on my back cause her whole “little” body falls against my spine, and that’s a pain you don’t want to encounter. And sleeping on your side without a pillow is a mistake as well because gravity isn’t your friend and her little 4 lb self puts a lot of weight against your ligaments, and those can only stretch so far.

But an amazing feeling is waking up in the morning and feeling her little feet kick in a pop corn action. I really try all the time to get her kicks on video but like I said she’s an attention seeker. As soon as I get my phone open to Snapchat she stops. And when I put my phone down she starts to move all over the place! The funny thing is when I eat she starts to move around and show off, I always feel like I’m feeding a circus animal to do tricks!

My baby girl is growing so big I think even the people in the back will see my bump in action. My cap and gown will not hide this little bundle of joy! But as school ends and my journey as a mother starts I appreciate everyone who has supported me in this life changing experience. I appreciate all of the great comments I have gotten and the excitement that my friends have for Peyton and I welcoming our wonderful baby girl!

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