Mom prom

Ever since I was little I always imagined how prom would be like, the make up, the hair, the dress I would be wearing. It was all a dream till senior year rolled around. Reality sunk in I was going to prom for the second time out of my high school journey but this time of course was a little different cause obviously I’m now 30 weeks pregnant! (Only 8 more weeks y’all) The dress, the hair, the make up was all a little different now. But I must say peyton and I and of course Princess P slayed prom! Let me just drop a picture down for ya!! Being pregnant at prom was a little scary at first to me because not everyone in the school knew I was pregnant cause I only have 3 classes at katy and go to miller for the other half. Of course when I walked in I got the stares and the looks but I didn’t feel ashamed at all! I felt amazing because for 1 I had the hottest date by my fiancé 💛 and 2nd not most girls would go to prom pregnant. My time at prom was amazing! I danced..yes y’all this milf got down on the dance floor and started to “exercise”. I think I tired peyton out by the end of the night cause we danced for a straight 3 hours before we left. With all that having fun I thought my water broke. What a great feeling to feel when your standing in a room surrounded by all your classmates. The dripping substance down both my legs were unfamiliar because I hadn’t sweat that hard since I got pregnant. The automatic wonder made me want to freak out but I knew that I need to stay calm for Peyton. We made our way to the bathroom and I realized the dripping substance was just sweat. How gross! But I know that every girl had that happen to them if they were dancing as hard as I was. As our night was coming to a close I felt loved my all of my classmates who complimented me on my dress or how beautiful I looked last night! What y’all don’t know is my dress was $25 dollars! When your this big pregnant normal prom dresses won’t fit you! I never thought that at prom someone would say something rude to me or about me or even to a friend. But they did…. why would a girl have such a hate towards 1. Her classmate and 2. Her classmate who has enough courage to come to prom pregnant. Now no names will be stated but why would this girl have a feeling to ruin someone’s night just by a simple comment. Did she not think my friend wouldn’t tell me what she said, or is her mental state so low that she has to make a comment to my friend when I’m legit right behind her??? “You shouldn’t hang out with pregnant people” had shocked me! So when she’s pregnant one day is she not gonna hang out with herself? Girls like this annoy me because when you see someone trying to rise up beyond the pressure of being different you as a GIRL should encourage her, not say something that is inconsiderate and meaning less. God gave us speech for good! And at the end of the day my senior prom was way better that I had ever thought it would be! Last year at Peyton’s senior prom we got food poisoning from a restaurant that had just opened and that night was a night we wished to do over! But yet again I’ll drop a picture down for y’all to see how we have, well how I have “grown” since last year! I’ll always remember our proms together and I’m thankful for everyone who has made my night wonderful and have encouraged me to keep my head up! I hope Princess P has an amazing group of friends as I do! And thank you to her amazing father who keeps encouraging me to finish off my senior year strong and brave and for always telling me how beautiful I am even if I don’t ever believe it sometimes. Peyton you truly are an amazing father already and a amazing fiancé to me! 💛

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