Ready or NOT

At 29 weeks and 4 days princess P is about the size of a butternut squash. Weighs over 2 1/2 lbs and just a tad beyond 15 inches. Everyday is a new day and a new journey, I never know what this pregnancy has to throw at me next but I must say I’ve kinda handled it like a champ (if I say so myself!) Only cause I have peyton by my side to help me calm down in these life changes.

A new story to our journey came along and it was something we weren’t “expecting”. Princess P really tired to make her appearance way too soon. Grown ups always say “mothers know best” and I think it’s safe to say that’s True! Spending the whole day with a tightness you can’t stop is just a uncomfortable feeling. Let alone the pressure against your lower back I just knew something wasn’t right. I went to bed thinking that I’ll wake up the next day feeling better but yet the exact same feeling from the day before. I knew that it wasn’t time for this feeling just yet. I drove up to the katy memorial Herman where our little one will be delivered (in 10 weeks). By all nervousness Peyton ran from his car in the parking lot all the way to the lobby where I was waiting in no since of fear. Princess P has a wonderful father might I just add in. What other guy would jump out of bed take a quick shower grab clothes and manage to make it to the hospital in the same time I did, with me just leaving school which was less than 10 minutes away! By my luck my doctor decided he wasn’t gonna be in the building that morning and we found ourselves walking all the way up to the labor and delivery ER center. With Peyton having so much emotions running throughout his thought process. The words we were not expecting to here were loud and clear as day “these are REAL contractions”.

My heart sunk deep down in my throat and tears started to feel my eyes. “She can’t come today” just kept replaying in my head and the look on Peyton’s face said he was ready! My nurse came in and started to give me shots in the thinnest part of the back of my arm to stop my contractions. This shot was the smallest and thinnest needle I’ve ever seen but the burning I encounter actually felt pretty painful. The medication they gave me was made to stop preterm labor! After 2 rounds of the medication my contractions started to slow down and disappeared after about a hour. I felt like I was on greys anatomy when my nurse put my iv in blood started to go everywhere. That was definitely a wake up call that labor is gonna be bloody! Finally four hours later we were able to go home, and actually rest cause those hospitals beds ARE NOT COMFORTABLE! I felt like my contractions felt better than laying on the bed I had. But after everything I Thank God for smart people because now our little princess P can stay in the oven just a little bit longer. However this experience made peyton and I realize that Ready or NOT anything can happen and that our plans we have for life aren’t suppose to go as we expected. Ready or NOT this is parent hood and now I know how much a mom worries about her baby. God has helped peyton and I along this whole experience and we are forever grateful for the medical industry! Just remember the next time you think your parents are “over protective” they are! If I hadn’t of listen to my mom or my body it would of been too late to stop my contractions and princess P would of been born too early. I know that one day our daughter is gonna think we’re the crazy over protective parents but at the end of the day our parents know way more than we do! Just keep that in mind! Love y’all always Mama Carm 💛

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