The truth

I can walk in the halls and have a smile on my face and tell you that everything is “fine”. I can make good grades, work my job and still manage to crack a joke. Post updates of my bump and express how amazing this whole journey has been. However the truth of it all sometimes haunts me. No one ever tells you about how scared you may get when your a teen parent trying to save and work as much as you can but being super tired to the point where you just can’t take a breath without thinking of what and how to do better. No one tells you about the stressing out parts you have to encounter when you work your butt off in two weeks and your paycheck comes back smaller than the one from the last paycheck when you didn’t even care if you clocked in or not. The truth of it all is hard, the truth, of the fact that without an education I’ll still be making $8.75 a hour. The fact is being a mom in general is hard work! No matter your age every moms job is hard whether you make $7.25 a hour or you stay at home. After a long 8 hour shift and I can’t get my foot out of my boot and It takes me approximately 10 whole minutes just to take it off. I know that my hard work I put in right now will pay off in the long run when our little Princess P has everything she needs and more. Because I as a mother already do things I don’t want to and I already do things that aren’t easy. The truth always comes out from around the corner and never let it full you. As a teen mom I have realized what all my mom has gone through as a single mom just to give me those extra dollars for breakfast and how many hours she spends at work. Our moms do so much for us that we have no idea about! I just hope that one day when I beat all the statistics my hard work will pay off for our Princess P💛

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