Support system

At every point in life you always have those group of people, that one friend, some family members or even just a significant other. You truly find out who’s on your side when you encounter things in life…such as becoming pregnant.

As a now mother to be I realized that sometimes the people you hang out with on a daily wasn’t the right people for you to be around especially if you have a growing human. The hardest thing for me was to drop some of my “friends” but the easiest thing was knowing that I didn’t want to be apart of the drugs and the party involved functions. I wanted to start my child’s life out right and to give her the best influence even before she was born.

From day one my fiancé Peyton had always and I mean every step of the way he’s been supportive and happy and just over all doing his best for me and our princess P👑. I swear to this day If I didn’t have him by my side to help me throughout all the different changes pregnancy encounters I’d be a hot mess. I tend to find myself asking him questions about what’s happening in my pregnancy as if he would know cause he’s a girl right… but I never get the “I don’t know babe” answers. Straight to google he goes and tries to find a explanation that doesn’t say “you have cancer or your gonna die in 140 hours” like they usually do.

If every guy was compared to peyton a lot of girls would be disappointed because Peyton definitely out shines everyone! If guys were more like him I swear this world would be better! If Every girl could feel the way I do everyday than y’all would understand my smile 😃.

Princess P already has an amazing father who loves her so much! Every time she hears his voice she starts to kick up a storm! Thank you Peyton for making your daughter do martial arts in my uterus. Every week Peyton and I attend parenting classes at the Pregnancy Help Center.

Helpful info:

If you need a free pregnancy test just call them up and make an appointment. They also do 1 free ultrasound to “confirm life” which is amazing to see your baby for the first time! I’ll insert the info for you guys to look into! And if you are already pregnant they have amazing parenting classes! And also you can attend till your child is 2 years old!

Address: 5326, 1450 E Summitry Cir, katy Tx 77449

Back to what I was saying..

Peyton and I attend parenting classes every week and let me just say it’s the best decision we have ever made! Each week we go we earn points and are able to use our points to buy items such as clothes, baby cribs, high chairs etc. I can just say that Peyton and I have most of our items because of this amazing program! And we learn the basics of parenting at the same time!

Even if we are teen parents, we want the very best for our princess P! Because she didn’t choose to have young parents but we have chosen to the best parents.

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