The unexpected

As I encounter the last stage in my pregnancy princess P is growing over night I feel like. Every morning when I wake up she’s more active and just over all sometimes in my way! I know that sounds harsh but if you ever been pregnant you know that your belly feels like you can be playing bumper cars.

I know for a fact that princess P is gonna come out strong cause I’ve probably hit everything I can think of with my belly. On total accident of course but it takes time to get use to this belly sticking out so far. At this point it’s like your boobs and belly are having a race on which can hang lower (not fun).

Not even gonna lie I remember the day I realized I was showing when I went to open my car door and smacked princess P, oh that day got me spooked cause I was just gonna get bigger. Now simple day task like passing someone in a small space as a door way can be challenging. some people really expect you to fit while they are trying to squish as well, Um hello I CANT SUCK IN MY BABY !

What makes matters worst is walking in the hall ways at school….it’s like people are blind that I have precious cargo on board. People will bump into me or side swipe my belly (I know it’s on total accident) but gosh I ain’t that big. Even tho I’m in my last trimester I’m still working my job and bringing in a income. Let me tell you that sometimes I amaze myself.

My shifts are always 6-8 hours long, nothing less. Sometimes I hate working the cash register because for example people always point out that I have a growing human inside of me! As if I had no idea! Some people are cute about it telling me “congratulations” and others just like to stare, maybe they are expecting her to put on a broadway show? I have no clue!!!!

Another thing that can be a little embarrassing is when you go to give someone change and the cash register smacks you straight into your bump. Oh I’m sorry, am I in your  way? More often than not it happens..what a surprise! It’s all about managing your space around you each and everyday because it changes. In These last 11 weeks everyday task seem to get harder and harder. Getting out of bed for one can be a task because the easiest way is to roll over, but you can’t because than all your weight will be put on your bump and that’s not a good idea. I find myself sliding off my bed not even gonna sugar coat it! Gravity can be the best and worst thing in pregnancy and the area you feel it the most is in your back.

Ladies it’s a beautiful journey but a lot of pain comes with it. Taking showers can sometimes be a challenge for me because there’s a lot of factors to slip and fall and like I said gravity is against us at this point. I always have to be super careful because taking warm showers tend to make me lightheaded and that’s definitely not fun at all. But as the days become nights and the nights become closer to peyton and I’s lil princess P, I adore every second I have to face in The unexpected.

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