The end

So your probably wondering if my due date is coming soon by the title and the answer is yes and no. It’s coming soon cause my due date is July 27 but I still have a two digit number on my weeks count down app!

I Never thought that I’d be pregnant at my senior prom..Wild! But I’m super excited because it’s my last and princess P’s FIRST prom!!! here’s a flashback of me from last year at Peyton’s prom! This whole year has completely changed me as a person! And I thank God everyday because of the struggles I over come!

Now I will talk about a topic NO ONE ever wants to bring up in a conversation. And for those who don’t like touchy subjects please feel free to not read this blog cause these are just my opinions and like I’ve said in the past your opinions matter just as much.

So I’m gonna jump right into it, Abortion…. this isn’t just a subject girls have to think about guys have to as well. A lot of girls ask me once they encounter a pee stick with 2 lines. “How am I gonna get through this” and truth be told I had that same reaction. One thing that never crossed my mind was aborting my baby. At no means would I ever give up another person life because I didn’t feel like I could take care of my baby.

Side note:

To all the girls who are reading my blog and have the same thoughts or are scared because you got a 2 line test. My first advice is to breath! Because your baby needs the oxygen, I know that telling someone to not be scared is the worst advice but from experience you will get to the next level in life. Don’t be ashamed of being a mother because that’s what woman are put on this earth for. We were born to create life and just that alone is a beautiful thing. To carry a life inside of you for 9 whole months is just an amazing experience that I try to share with everyone!

Abortion should never be anyone’s first option in my opinion because that life inside of you depends on you 100 percent. It’s a miracle how a baby was formed from liquid into a beautiful creation that a woman and a man can create. (Yes guys I’m giving y’all credit, even tho ya’lls part can be easier).

I get the question “how did you feel when you found out” and my answer shocks people every time because I was not afraid. I knew that god had his hands wrapped around my baby and chose her specifically for Peyton and I to call our Princess P 👑. I knew that the option of abortion was not on my list.

As time counts down to having over 1,000 people watch me walk across the stage embracing my glow (with princess P of course) on graduation night. I know that many people will talk, whisper, point, be childish, snicker, laugh, the list can go on. I know that my decision to become a mother is so much more powerful than to be ashamed of her and my wonderful journey, then to have aborted her in the beginning.

The End.

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