3rd trimester

Today marks the beginning of the end, I’m almost done and man it hadn’t felt long at all! I’m 27 weeks and paighton is about the size of a head of cauliflower! That doesn’t seem very big but when your stomach is now about the size of a smaller watermelon ๐Ÿ‰ you start to realize that sleeping doesn’t end when she arrives, it ends…well right about now!

Before my baby bump came along I ALWAYS slept on my stomach! Side sleeper,back sleeper..nope not me. When baby p started to make her appearance I struggled with changing my sleeping position. I use to believe in the myths that sleeping on your belly while pregnant can crush your baby. And no it’s not true!!

Sleeping on my stomach made me extremely nervous still!! And for weeks I couldn’t get a good night sleep because I wasn’t use to sleeping on my back or side. Now fast forward to 27 weeks princess P gets what she wants cause sleeping is still a no go at night. This is usually the time she wants to play soccer, do water Aerobics and have a whole boxing match. She’s just getting me ready for when she’s here stealing all the attention at night.

Thank god but as of right now I still don’t have any stretch marks! My belly just has very visible veins on my sides, daddy calls them highways cause there’s so many ๐Ÿ˜‚. Gosh I love my (future) husband so much he has definitely helped me along the way, especially through my many Braxton-Hicks (fake contractions).

Now a days princess P likes to push her body against my stomach making it seem like my stomach has a alien in it! I love to feel her move and push up because everyone else can feel her as well! Being 7 months pregnant is just mind blowing!!! Because she’s almost here!!

Getting baby clothes every week is always super fun because everything is just so adorable I know my daughter is gonna be amazing! I can’t wait to be the fun mom out of her high school group!

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