Today I’m 25 weeks and 5 days!!! Whoop whoop!! Only 14 weeks and 3 days left till I bless y’all with baby pictures of princess P instead of baby bump pictures πŸ’•.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was only 5 weeks along. Thinking back to that time I felt like these 9 months would take forever. Kinda like high school when it’s your first year and the seniors tell you that it goes by faster than you think…”don’t blink”.

Now that I’m a senior and almost in my last trimester, I can personally say that “yes it does go by faster than you think”. Every Friday I move up a week in my pregnancy and these last few Friday’s are our last Friday’s of high school ever. 😍

Growing bigger by the week is an amazing thing!!!! So yes I will show off my baby bump and be proud of my changing body cause not only is it an experience for me but it’s an experience for everyone who goes to school with me or sees me daily.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing whether your a girl or a guy, you too will experience it. Either personally or helping your significant other! So just embrace yourself on the uncontrollable mood swings and the different cravings you will encounter. Mine was hot Cheetos but after the little princess didn’t like it. Ironic 😭

So as weeks go by and princess P starts to grow bigger just know that I’m getting threw it one day at a time πŸ’•

Much love Mama Carm πŸ’› thxs for readingπŸ“–

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