Name here…

After talking about the hardest things in pregnancy it isn’t what you would think. The nausea, the headaches from smells. The back aches and the bruised tail bones you get when your carrying extra weight( at least that’s what I have) Isn’t all that hard when you’re trying to figure out the perfect name.

I swear we discovered every name in the book and made a million combinations till finally we had the perfect name…for a boy! We had waited 19 weeks for our gender reveal! Low and behold pink smoke arose and it was a GIRL!!!!

Of course we were trilled out of our minds ,I may even say I cried when I found out that I was carrying a mini me! Just a little family tree knowledge for ya, both Peyton’s and my family are full of boys so it was only logical we would be having a boy first!

February 24, 2018 our journey of finding a baby girl name was on the hunt! Two names were in the drawing, but what would our perfect name be!?? Weeks went by and I just kept flipping from one name to the other.

Paighton Renee-Rose Middleton πŸ’œwhat little girl can say she was named after her daddy! Peyton made the final decision on our little girls name! Here it is ladies and gentlemen what princess P πŸ‘‘ stands for! I admire his gentleness and his self confidence. I admire how his spirit is calm and full of love. I would only hope these characteristics would pass on to our daughter! Our future little girl has an amazing father by her side and an amazing father to be named after .πŸ’›

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