Baby 🧠

Baby Brain is “The idea that pregnancy or early motherhood can harm a woman’s memory and ability to think.”

Researchers began studying the theory of baby brain because women frequently report cognitive changes, particularly forgetfulness, however during pregnancy and shortly after becoming mothers. Studies examining the relationship between pregnancy or the early stages of motherhood and changes in a woman’s ability to think.

I don’t care what scientist say but I believe that baby brain, also known as pregnancy brain is real!!! Sometimes I feel real dumb because I’ll have my phone in my hand and end up searching everywhere in the house wondering where I left the darn thing.

The worst event I’ve ever had with experiencing baby brain is the this morning I got ready for school. I got into my car and went to put my key into the ignition, no lie spent a good 2 and a half minutes trying to put what I thought was the right key to start my car.

I almost had a mental break down cause I thought my new car was broken. Out of panic I called Peyton to see what I had done wrong. But as soon as he answered I realized that the key I was using wasn’t even for my car…. I felt so embarrassed 😩 1. Cause I called Peyton while he was in school for a dumb reason and 2. Because I wasn’t even using the right key.

This part of pregnancy is no joke, because I feel like I can’t remember anything at all. But at the end of the day no one said pregnancy was easy! And it’s all worth it in the end 💛

princess P at 19 weeks…she’s way bigger now!!! I can’t wait for more ultrasound pictures to come!!!

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