wardrobe malfunctions

For me going from a size 2 to a about the size of a cantaloupe has been “interesting”. I remember when I started to notice my baby bump! I was super excited to see that my baby was growing….not till I couldn’t fit into my favorite miss me jeans πŸ‘–. The struggle happens every morning when a shirt I wore last week is a bit (well more like it’s suffocating me like that once dressing room scene in white chicks) becomes too small for me this week. Looks like that prom diet is down the drain for me πŸ˜‚ but best believe I’ll still be slaying with my baby bump and I, y’all just wait for it!!

Victoria secret?! Yeah there’s no secret when your cute bras turn into sport bras so your boobs can actually breath! And the nursing bras now a days don’t even look like grandma bowling ball carriers! SCORE!!!!

Crocs??? you best believe that crocs have been my favorite shoes to wear!! And if you go to school with me you all have been blinded by my neon pink crocs!! Your welcome!!!

That one grandma vine gets me laughing every time! Because that’s how I feel walking into the public world with my neon flippers! I now completely abide by the phrase

Beauty is pain

I tend to wear what ever I feel is the most comfortable because people now a days wouldn’t even notice if I had make up on or not or if I wore the same outfit as I did yesterday.! Everyone’s focus on my baby bump! I feel like I have to buy a neck brace for some of the people who try to twist their necks to get a better look at my belly!

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Like always remember to share a smile with anyone you see because you can make a difference! πŸ’›

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