My person

If you don’t know where that phrase is from…well you haven’t enlightened your mental state with the most dramatic series of life. Greys anatomy! So for my next topic don’t be afraid to get into the action and see what all the frantic is about.

If you follow me on any social media he’s the really handsome blonde hair, blue eye guy that I’m heels down in love with! He’s my person, the one I hold hostage just to tell my “dad jokes” too. Ironic right I’m the mom telling the “dad” jokes.

what did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet???? Supplies

These jokes get me every time, I will seriously spend my day laughing @dadtellsjokes on Twitter. Anyways my person isn’t like anyone I have ever met. Have you (yes you the one reading) ever felt so completely comfortable around another human being that it feels as if it’s weird? No? I guess I’m the only one.

Being around him just makes me feel empowered as if I could lift the world 🌍 on my own two shoulders and not feel the weight. Powerful! To have someone who loves me so unconditionally it makes my heart skip a beat! (Well obviously that’s figurative language because if it actually happened I would not be alive).

Everyday is a new day in the life of my pregnancy, and for him he’s honored to have the “Dad” role. (Trust me I would be too, our daughter is gonna be super cute!) The best part of having him by my side is not only is he the love of my life but he’s my best friend. Sounds clique but trust me when I say we are together through it all I mean it.

Who would of thought that meeting at O’Reillys would soon change our lives to being engaged and having a baby! 💍 um no ma’am not I! I remember the day we met clear as day, oh and let me tell you this was the day I decided to look like road kill and have my hair look like it was eaten by a pack of wolfs. Well maybe not that bad but it’s what I thought.

Walking into O’Reillys I had one thing on my mind, Fix my truck!!!!! Little did we know God had took over Cupid’s job for the day and I guess a mechanics as well, because he for sure knew what he was doing. God knows ur destiny, and let’s say it was a match made in heaven 💛.

All of a sudden my trucks problems seemed to disappear but for some really handsome reason I wanted to rip out all the wires in my truck just to spend a little more time with him. But what no one knows is when I left O’Reillys that same day I said out loud in my “now” fixed truck,

“I will never have a chance with him”.

Can you imagine that?! Almost two years later and he’s the one I tell my “dad” jokes too. But throughout my pregnancy he’s always been right there by my side. Expressing how beautiful I am and amazing my “mom” bod looks!

I’m starting my family with my best friend, so let’s cheers to all the future late night laughters we have with our baby girl and The Who can sleep the longest contest she will have with her daddy! Let’s make a round of applause 👏 for the dads who go above and beyond whether they are teens or not! The dad role is a very important role in a girls life.

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