“Morning” Sickness

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and it’s something you (if your a girl) will probably experience sometime in your lifetime. The baby showers and the maternity clothes and the cute little baby bump pictures you post on social media will be a-wonderful experience. Till you get a little dose or in my case a truck load of “morning” sickness. Now all this time I thought “morning” sickness only happened in the morning…duhhh hints the name?! Yeah no! “Morning” sickness should just be called “every day, around the clock terror”. Now thank God I never threw up or spent my mornings hugging the toilet like it’s gonna run away. But I do and still have what is called “vertigo”. Sounds so scientific but it’s just another name for “fainting”. Can you just imagine standing up and next thing you know you wake up on the ground?! Yeah well it’s no fun. So here’s how I found out that I had vertigo. It’s my SECOND day at my new job (perfect setting I know 😂) and I’m just now learning how to check out my first customer! Ooo how I was about to make this mans day flip and probably end up becoming a story he goes home to tell his family. I remember feeling nauseous to where I needed to sit down because the room was creeping smaller and smaller with blackness. There was no way out of this one, I couldn’t run and hide and let my body chill out. This time I had to try to fight it. So I thought! Next thing I know I’m sitting in my bosses office and hearing people run around me. Asking me if I’m okay? Little did I know I had fainted right in front of my customer. But don’t let the embarrassment stop there. I had fainted two more times walking to my bosses office. And I had no recollection as to what had happened. Imagine being completely clueless, not knowing where you are or who all these people around you are. This was my 1st experience of vertigo. I now know that there isn’t a cure for it. Instead it’s something I deal with on a daily bases, this is my struggle! I have learned that I can’t stand up in one spot for a long period time because that’s one of the many causes. Daily activities are much harder for me to do because of my possibility of fainting. Having vertigo has made my pregnancy a lot harder than most people’s that I know. It’s a struggle and I have learned to live with it. This is the journey of my pregnancy and everyday is one step closer to having my baby in my arms. Mama Carm💛

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